Karen Geaney

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Karen Geaney Contact: Karen Geaney Owner Work PO Box 1121 Bowral New South Wales 2576 AustraliaHome Robinia Drive Bowral NSW 2576 AustraliaHome NSW 2576 Australia Cell Phone: 0412988799

We provide individual, couple and family counselling and psychotherapy including services to children and adolescents. We have over 20 years experience and utilise a range of evidence based interventions. Areas of interest include working with families experiencing domestic violence as well as trauma. We take a biopsychosocial approach where we firmly believe that there are many contributing factors to how a person may feel at any given time and without taking a holistic approach we are simply just treating the symptoms.

The Family Law Pathways Network Service Directory aims to provide access to accurate and up-to-date information about various support services throughout the Illawarra and Southern Highlands Regions. The directory will support members to make informed decisions regarding appropriate referral pathways to assist organisations operating as part of or alongside the family law system.

To include your service information in this directory please fill in the online application form.

The Directory lists services who have identified themselves as working with families in crisis. Please note that the ISHFLPN does not personally endorse or recommend any specific service listed on this site and/or the Directory of Services. Any user must make an informed decision as to the engagement of any of the services listed in this Directory of their own accord.

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